Working With Small Spaces

When you first venture off onto running and owning your own salon, things can be tough and money can go really fast. There is so much that goes into running your own salon, or any business for that matter, but after doing the math and adding up all the blow dryers, hair cutters and product for coloring and straightening I thought my head was going to explode. Knowing and anticipating this and knowing the odds are against you, the new small business owner, I tried to start off small, get everything second hand and even start off with a much smaller salon than had originally wanted. I was lucky enough to have a friend that owned his own painting company and done a lot of work with small business as well as bigger business as well. So I had a lot of questions for him and did a lot of personnel research on maximizing small spaces.


If You Can Do It Yourself, Do It

Having a little bit of background in carpentry and a good friend to assist me, we were able to do most of the work ourselves which is going to save you big times in the money department. We did all the interior painting ourselves and when done right, it can really stand out. We installed new mirrors with fresh paint around the edges and even painted the ceiling with new ducking which is visible in our building. After that we got a good deal on a bunch of old galvanized piping to make our shelves, giving it an old school rustic kinda look. Any successful business owner will tell you that being prepared for disaster is whats going to¬† separate you from everyone else, pain and simple it’s whats going to either make you, or break you. So when I was out looking for a place to lease, I wasn’t looking for the biggest or fanciest, I was looking for somewhat of a decent location, but for the first and foremost I was looking for a good deal. Don’t be afraid to take your time either, a lot of people make their first and last mistake with picking the wrong location, reason being, it’s too much!! And their stuck there on a 6 month to a 1 year lease on something they can’t afford, something that’s probably $500 more than they need to pay a month and let me tell you, 500 every month is going to add up real fast and the clientele you thought was going to be there right off the bat isn’t going to be there. The stylist that promised to be there isn’t going to be there on time due to personnel circumstances and the stylist you do have aren’t going to always be the right ones, these are just some of the things that can and will happen through out your time as a business owner. Knowledge is power people, I like to share my experiences as well as here others, thanks for checking me out and I’m always happy to here feed back.