The Low Down on Your Hair

Have you ever been told it’s best to switch hair care products because you or your hair become almost immune to it, get a keratin treatment and it will make your hair healthy again, brushing your hair 1,000 times makes it shinier. I’m sure we’ve all heard these things and even seen them on movies and TV shows, none the less they are nothing but myths and lies. Just below you will find some other myths you would want to be weary of.

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Pay Close Attention

Rinsing your hair with cold water helps it get more shiny, I’m sure you’ve heard of this belief that was misguided from a few hairstylists. Their reasoning, is that the cuticles are made by chilly water so they reflect light. Nevertheless, there are not any living cells in your hair, as your hair will not respond at all to hot or cold water. For a gleam that is glossy, avoid shampoos with sulfate and instead use hair and conditioner products which contain oils and silicones with natural properties to make the cuticles smoother.
Regular trimmings help your hair grow faster, hairstylist love this one, nothing more than a lie to get you in more often and spend more money and if your one with a hair loss disease you really don’t want be lied to. Give your hair 100 strokes each day so it can be extra healthy, you probably believed that regular combing make your hair more shiny and will redistribute the natural oils in your scalp. Or it foster hair development and will enhance the blood flow to your own scalp. Extensive brushing creates lots of friction in your hair, which cause breakage and could damage the cuticles. Because of this, your hair seems frizzy and lusterless. Instead, use a ball or a wide toothed comb and brush your hair tipped hair brush the less you can brush your hair the better, a deep a conditioner once a week or more would do you better.
Less shampoo means oil that is less, dermatologist claim that the scalp still generates the same quantity of oil despite how many times which you shampoo your hair. Shampoo has no impact on your own sebaceous gland; yet, hormones and genetics do.

Natural Oils For Your Hair

Is your hair damaged and over processed due to a bad keratin smoothing treatment or too much sun resulting in frizzy, unobtainable hair, you should really try looking for good, beneficial hair-care products with no fillers, natural oils are a definite plus. Natural oils are the greatest curative make-up for all kinds of hair and skin, they not only help reduce baldness, dandruff and make hair more healthy and revive over processed, damaged hair. Many girls have used poor decisions when they’re young dying there hair, using peroxide, bleaching and over using heat with hair straightening products that might not even work. Unless your going to a salon and getting a Brazilian blowout or a Keratin  treatment done by a licensed stylist who knows exactly what they’re doing, you could end up with a very bad hair experience or worse, always check with the establishment and make sure the stylist has a copy of their license at their work station in plain view.

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Test Your Oils

You’ll have to equip yourself and begin testing to locate your perfect oil. Natural oils can be found in an excellent variety, so I advocate beginning with coconut, olive and avocado oil for you to not get lost in this enormous range of oils.

Avocado oil is an excellent treatment for dry, brittle and damaged hair. Its lightweight formula is readily absorbed into scalp and hair. All these elements that are natural are valuable for development and hair nourishment. It adds radiance to the locks and fortifies hair follicles. A high content of proteins and vitamins promotes healthy cell development and thus helps remove the issue of dry and itchy scalp and in addition dispose dandruff.

When selecting oil for skin or hair treatment, be sure to use extra virgin oil. It’s used for shielding and nourishing, moistening hair in the adverse effects of frost and sun rays. Olive oil makes hair more powerful, hastens its development and helps dispose of numerous issues, like dandruff or baldness. Furthermore, it helps and makes hair unbreakable and prevents the appearance of split ends a definite plus when you have a Keratin hair treatment or type of Brazilian blow dry. Olive oil is readily washed from your hair and will not make an oily sheen.

Coconut oil is most likely the most universal treatment for all kinds of hair and skin, there so many different uses for this oil, it really is a must have. Using this oil is particularly recommended for girls who desire to grow long beautiful locks of hair who don’t opt for hair extensions, as rapid hair growth is promoted by a suitable moistening agent, there is no need for a keratin shampoo. Hair begin growing quicker with out the use of Brazilian blowout products or any other hair straightening treatments because dry or dead skin cells not clog hair follicles. It restores hair construction making locks less breakable and sleek.

Beautiful Natural Skin

To naturally have beautiful well toned, not too greasy, wake up, right out of bed skin is pretty much non-existent. Even if you have nice skin with little to no blemishes, not too dry and not too greasy, you still have to clean it with a scrub or exfoliater and apply some kind of a daily lotion to maintain it and always remember to wash your face at night, don’t do this and your sure to develop black heads at a minimum. Now when cleaning and maintaing your face what chould you use?, there’s an aisle full of face cleaners, exfoliater’s, lotions and make-up cleaners. Every one of them promising to be the one you’ve been looking for, how bout you go for the all natural essential oils your body needs. Sure you go out to a salon and pay hundreds for a Brazilian Blowout, or you can stop torching it and  abusing it and treat your hair with some love, apply some natural oils and give time to revive.

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Argan Oil

This essential oil is a very popular product not just for skincare but people all over the world because of all the benefits it has to offer. Not only does it soften the skin and reduces wrinkles, it is known to help regenerate the skin by revitalizing the skin’s cells, which reduce early signs of skin aging due to all kinds of symptoms such as smoking, stress, and exposure to pollution and sun’s UV rays and if your like me, living in southern California, I get plenty of sun as well as the pollution. This essential oil is also a reducer of inflammation, skin irritation, and acne or chicken pox scars as well as a natural pH balancing and antimicrobial properties, which help reduce acne.

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 Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil includes excellent properties for treating infectious organisms including fungus, bacteria, and virus. Moreover, it’s proven to function efficiently in fighting with numerous diseases, which are resistant to a number of antibiotics.

Tip-This oil can be combined with any all-natural skincare product or may be applied straight to the  skin.

Organic Coconut Oil

As a skincare treatment, coconut oil was utilized for many centuries. These fatty acids that are antimicrobial function as natural bodyguards for skin. Natural coconut oil comes in little molecular structure, which encourages absorption that is simple when applied to skin. In addition, it has deep moisturizing properties, which hydrate, and quickly protect the skin. That makes it a first-class skin moisturizer as well as an excellent treatment for alleviating dry skin from rough, wrinkled and cracking skin. In addition, it’s called an ideal natural fix for treating serious skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis, this essential oil isn’t just good for the skin but also found advantageous to hair care, increased resistance, keeping even weight loss, and cholesterol levels, and others.

Tip-Use this essential oil as an all-natural skin moisturizer and feel the amazing results following a week.

Citronella Oil

Many folks understand that citronella is an excellent insect repellent, although few folks are not unaware this essential oil is excellent for oily skin. Greasy skin is among the most popular reasons for acne.

Fun Fact- The mixture is a powerful astringent that shields the skin and tightens the pores.

Frankincense Oil

If aging is an issue, then using frankincense essential oil will help alleviate it. It rejuvenates it, removes dead skin and encourages development of new and more solid skin. Applying a combination of Frankincense oil with rose oil will stop your skin from aging.

Lavender Oil

Essential oil of lavender is a natural stress buster and is among the most effective oils for calming anxiety. Additionally it is utilized as cologne, deodorant, insect repellent, aphrodisiac, and all-natural skincare. The essential oil can be used to take care of skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, acne, sunburn and irritation. Put on the oil on you and distressed skin will feel refreshed. Lavender oil even offers skin regeneration properties. Add several globules of the oil to your own bathroom regular and feel refreshed.

Tip- Lavender essential oil may be employed directly for treating burns, acne, bug bites, and stings. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to do a patch test.


Working With Small Spaces

When you first venture off onto running and owning your own salon, things can be tough and money can go really fast. There is so much that goes into running your own salon, or any business for that matter, but after doing the math and adding up all the blow dryers, hair cutters and product for coloring and straightening I thought my head was going to explode. Knowing and anticipating this and knowing the odds are against you, the new small business owner, I tried to start off small, get everything second hand and even start off with a much smaller salon than had originally wanted. I was lucky enough to have a friend that owned his own painting company and done a lot of work with small business as well as bigger business as well. So I had a lot of questions for him and did a lot of personnel research on maximizing small spaces.


If You Can Do It Yourself, Do It

Having a little bit of background in carpentry and a good friend to assist me, we were able to do most of the work ourselves which is going to save you big times in the money department. We did all the interior painting ourselves and when done right, it can really stand out. We installed new mirrors with fresh paint around the edges and even painted the ceiling with new ducking which is visible in our building. After that we got a good deal on a bunch of old galvanized piping to make our shelves, giving it an old school rustic kinda look. Any successful business owner will tell you that being prepared for disaster is whats going to  separate you from everyone else, pain and simple it’s whats going to either make you, or break you. So when I was out looking for a place to lease, I wasn’t looking for the biggest or fanciest, I was looking for somewhat of a decent location, but for the first and foremost I was looking for a good deal. Don’t be afraid to take your time either, a lot of people make their first and last mistake with picking the wrong location, reason being, it’s too much!! And their stuck there on a 6 month to a 1 year lease on something they can’t afford, something that’s probably $500 more than they need to pay a month and let me tell you, 500 every month is going to add up real fast and the clientele you thought was going to be there right off the bat isn’t going to be there. The stylist that promised to be there isn’t going to be there on time due to personnel circumstances and the stylist you do have aren’t going to always be the right ones, these are just some of the things that can and will happen through out your time as a business owner. Knowledge is power people, I like to share my experiences as well as here others, thanks for checking me out and I’m always happy to here feed back.

Who Needs A Quick DIY Spa Treatment

Now a days with everything being so expensive every one’s busy, it’s not just the husband working anymore, 51% of the work force is women. Working two jobs, ridiculous hours just to send your kids to the right schools, want to take a family vacation?, you better start working over time. Life can be stressful and every once in a while, maybe more often than not, you need to treat your self to something, weather it’s a quick trip to the salon or even if it’s something given to yourself. Now maybe it’s not a massage, but have you ever given yourself a facial?, if you answered no, you don’t know what your missing and I highly recommend you follow along and do as I instruct and let me take to you to heaven.


What Your Going To Need

The deep cleaning and moisturizing mask’s the star’s and celebs use include a product that exfoliates and one that softens it. Exfoliating facial markers are crucial in increasing the consistency and look of skin. Exfoliating products wash skin tissues off, permitting sleek and normally glowing skin underneath to be displayed. A lot of your high end boutique’s will use simple kitchen item’s to make their mask’s. Natural and organic exfoliating mask that’ll handle dry and flaky skin contain salt, oatmeal and baking soda just to name a few. Of course your going to need balance and stability as well as a moisturizer some of the best go to’s are avocados, apples, yogurt, avocado oil. Various skin types may react differently to numerous elements, therefore testing is in identifying which products perform best is key.

Below, is a very natural and neutral recipe that works well on all skin types and is very similar to the one’s the fancy spa’s use too.
• 1 medium sized banana
• 1 avocado
• 3 tablespoons plain yogurt
• 1 teaspoon honey

Mask Instructions
To make this particular mask, start by running 1/2 cup of mixer or processor. Or even utilizing ground coffee work the coffee beans up to create 1/4 cup. Include caffeine and the oatmeal to some dish and set it apart. Next, mash the avocado in another dish up. Subsequently, include honey and the yogurt in using the avocado and blend everything together till a powerful persistence is formed by it. Lastly, include caffeine and the oatmeal before combination is fully-blended. Since everything is combined together, utilize the mask equally to throat and manage. For optimum outcomes, make certain your skin is before implementing the mask to be somewhat moist. Permit the hide to sit down for around 20 minutes to completely get the advantages of lotion and each exfoliant. Wash properly with heated water, after 20 minutes, lightly pat dry, and apply facial moisturizing lotion. Immediately your face will feel unbelievably smoother and even energized, you will notice it looking and feeling clean and will glow, do this at least once a week and your face will thank you for it.